The White Mountain Shoes Company. Classic American styles, fashionably refined. White Mountain Footwear Group shoes are made to to take you on your journeys from the board room to the classroom, from home to work, from country to city, from the footloose and fancy-free days to your golden years. Wherever your life takes you, WMFG supports your journey with substance and style.

In an age of constant change, White Mountain is still standing strong. There’s a reason for this. Over the years they’ve maintained grit (to stay attuned to the rapidly changing fashion circles), determination (to seek new avenues & approaches) and tenacity to delivery quality products at prices that people can afford. At WMFG, shoes are designed with people in mind, and with a deep appreciation and understanding for the lives they are leading and the dreams they have for themselves. In a world of algorithms, WMFG embraces both the creativity and collaborative spirit of people to make each other’s lives a little better. One step at a time.